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Episode 1: Is your cup full?

By February 7, 2018 No Comments
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Ever have one of those moments where you are sitting at your desk at work and you think.. I think I’m done here. That is what I refer to as your cup being full. Now I’m not talking about one of those bad days at work where you decide that everyone in upper management is a moron. I’m talking about genuinely recognizing that you may have gotten all there was to get from that experience.

Our parents and grandparents were raised to believe that if you had a job you stayed at your job.. like forever. There was a commitment that was made to your company that dedicated you to staying, having as many years under your belt as possible, just getting thru the days so you could finally take a damn break in retirement. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like hell on earth. I always want to be evolving, learning new skills and growing professionally but I really want to be LIVING my years (not trying to make my way thru each day).

I think what happened was we saw our parents work their asses off, heck my parents had as many jobs as they could have to keep a roof over our heads.. so just leaving a job because your cup is full is a concept that blows their minds. I watched my parents work themselves to the bone and I declared that I’d never do that especially for a company that wasn’t mine. Times have changed, most companies have the loyalty to their employees that compares to that of a married man hanging out on Tinder. We’ve evolved. We’ve learned that neither of us have to put a ring on it and it’s actually curious to us when we meet someone who has been with the company for 15 years.. why? Why would you do that? We know that opportunity is ample and in most large cities and even smaller cities.

This concept of leaving when you realize that you want to continue to grow does not mean you declare you are going to bounce every two years.. it means you stick with it until there really are no more opportunities to grow. Some employers may want to jump out a window when they hear this but that would be silly because getting new blood into the company is just as important. Bringing new people into the company that have moved around in their career enough to bring multiple layers of experience is magical. It brings innovation and creativity, if they are open to it.

My philosophy on being a boss or employer is very similar to the job of a parent.. your job as a parent is to raise a well adjusted person that can go out into society and make a difference. To me your job as an employer should be the same.. employees that leave your company are your BIGGEST ambassadors. They should have grown so much under your care that they are ready to go out into the world with their knowledge and really do some solid work. Your goal as an employer should be to encourage and evolve from an innovation standpoint so that no one ever reaches the full cup syndrome. Your goal as an employer should be that when someone interviews a person from your company there is a certain kind of klout that comes with that because your company is recognized for working with the smartest and most capable people only.

So my question is to you, is your cup full? Is it time to make the leap into creating the business you’ve been dreaming about.. or is it just simply time to find a new job that helps you continue to grow and evolve. Sometimes that simple shift to a new role or a new job can open your eyes and your world again to the possibilities of what you’d like to do every day.

I was tired of driving to work, sitting in hours of traffic only to arrive and feel like I was beating my head up against the wall because of the monotony all while knowing I had something living in my heart that was telling me.. this isn’t it.. you have something more important to do. Do you hear that calling within your hear? Maybe it’s time to do something about it.


Check out this weeks podcast as I delve into the story being recognizing when your cup is full.

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