"Coaching with Mindy was the
best investment I've made in myself"

“Mindy helped take me from confusion to clarity! I gained an immense amount of clarity about what is truly important to me and what direction in which I want to head. All the answers were inside of me, Mindy used her skillful questions and great wisdom to excavate them. I feel so centered and excited to follow, create, and live my purpose now. Mindy's help was invaluable. She is a rare find; knowledgable, wise, inspiring, talented, compassionate, skillful, and passionate. Thank you, Mindy!”

Tracy Maria Shoman

“What a tremendous mentor Mindy has been to me. I was stuck creating my business. I had a dream, could visualize the end game, but didn't know how to get there. I was struggling. I got to know Mindy by following her on facebook and listening to her podcasts and decided to take a chance and hire her as my business coach. That was the best decision and investment I ever made. She has guided me through the steps and got me past the places I was stuck. I now have more confidence in myself and where I am going with my business. I highly recommend working with Mindy. ”

Debbie ALife & Self-Care Coaching for Plus-Size People

“The thing I loved most is working with you! You are fun, articulate and dedicated to your work. I do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for website and marketing support for their business. My website hits have tripled and I am enjoying more traffic than ever before. Thank you for what you have done for me and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Bonnie WeissCenter For Christian Coaching

“Mindy facilitated a workshop for us yesterday. The attendees are members of our homeless choir. It was successful for several reasons. Mindy's approach was real and vulnerable which built an instant trust. We felt talked with, not talked at. She engaged us in opportunities that showed hope no matter what our past journeys have been. We can't wait to have Mindy back!”

Beck AmensenVoice of Our City Choir

“I needed motivation and direction in managing and expanding my business. Mindy freed me up to think of the possibilities, gave me feedback on how to manage clients, and encouraged me to move forward. I would absolutely, unreservedly recommend, Mindy.”

Julie PeckhamEducational Consultant