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Business Coaching to help new entrepreneurs make money, create clients and market their business.

What They’re Saying

“Taking that first step toward turning what you do into what you love is super scary. Mindy has been coaching me on how to successfully take those leaps of faith my entire career. She is hilarious, easy to talk to, and super knowledgeable.This first step will be the smartest you ever take!”

CaliCreative Director

“With equal parts logic & emotion, she reminded me of my potential and helped with my
anxieties. You are braver and have more potential than you think, and Mindy will be your
cheerleader as long as you need her to be. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels
they might benefit from some guidance other than reading on the internet or consulting with
Dad. Having that third party type person at your fingertips in this day and age is invaluable.
You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with Mindy. She’s a
sweetheart and she’ll shoot you straight as well as stoke the fire you have left dormant inside
of you.”

RyanCreative Director/Photographer/Musician

“Life Coaching with Mindy was a great experience! I loved that I could bring all of my challenges to her and together we could set a plan to take action and make my goals a reality. She has a great personality that makes it very easy to open up to her. Mindy has a plethora techniques, tools and experiences that she shared to help me push past my boundaries and envision my future. I am so grateful to have Mindy as a coach and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to better themselves personally or professionally!”

AliMarketing Director